Weigh The Waste: Feed A Child

At The IBNII , Coorg , ” Eco ” by default comes first and Waste Management is Divinity.


Weigh the Waste is a project aimed towards Food Waste control which will be imbibed as a self discipline as a show of respect to all hungry children in the world and as a show of Gratitude for the blessings we have received as full bellies.


Appreciation and Gratefulness to all Our Guests on their support and contribution to Project ” Weigh the Waste ”.


How it works : after every meal the food waste generated by each table (room ) at our restaurants is weighed , the weight of the waste will be charged to the Guest and this amount goes as contribution to the Hungry.


Weigh the Waste , Feed and Respect the Hungry – is an initiative to curb and minimize food waste . A call to action by every responsible citizen of this WORLD .


Simply remember the food that you waste could feed another : The IBNII offers ” all you can eat as buffet and table service during the main meal time plus the midmorning tea and snacks at the Art Nook and evening Coffee with cookies and snack . Therefore humbly request Responsible Dining : to take as much as you desire and always keep in mind seconds is an option at all times .