Intimate Weddings at the IBNII: A Sustainable Paradise

As love takes a new turn, the modern generation is moving towards private, intimate weddings with a responsible touch. In a world where large celebrations are becoming less common, intimate weddings stand out as a responsible choice.


The IBNII Coorg had the ideal atmosphere for our destination wedding as we also wanted to pay homage to Ajay’s native land, land that is kind enough to host us all for the wedding, says Ajay & Beccky, who chose the Ibnii as their venue for the wedding celebration.


When we asked them what made the Ibnii their dream wedding destination over others, here is what they had to say:

"A Pledge Against Single-Use Plastics"

In a world drowning in plastic, IBNII stood out as a sustainable refuge for us. We joined the Ibnii in their environmentally responsible endeavor by saying no to single-use plastics. Our wedding became a statement of sustainability, by standing out as a wedding celebration that leaves no trace, but only long-lasting memories.

"Harvesting Rain, Preserving Purity"

Water is life, and at the IBNII, they value each drop. All water is collected on-site, as they do not use groundwater or piped water. We invited our wedding guests, to savor the purity of every sip, knowing that it’s a gift from nature, in every glass of our wedding celebration.

"Culinary Delights with a Cause"

At the Ibnii Coorg, wasting food comes with a cost—a cost that goes to funding an orphanage for girls, making every meal an opportunity to make a difference and change the world. Every bite not taken from the plate, became an opportunity to make a positive impact, turning our wedding celebration into a compassionate act of generosity.

"Dancing Amongst the Canopies of Love"

In their commitment to environmental sustainability at the Ibnii, they do not cut down any trees, even if doing so may impact their coffee yield. Every tree under the rich green canopy served as a live wedding décor making it the best wedding destination for our wedding celebration.

"Strolling Hand in Hand: Embracing Nature Step by Step"

While they do have a few electric buggies within the property, they encourage everyone to go for a stroll. Walking through the luxury resort not only gave us time to connect with the surrounding natural beauty of the IBNII but also allowed us to savor the moments, one step at a time. The wait for an electric buggy became an opportunity for romantic walks, where whispers of love blended with the rustling leaves.

Choosing IBNII: A Conscious Decision

“We never imagined getting married at the IBNII, but after learning about all of these things – we literally couldn’t go anywhere else. These guys are sincerely attempting to find equilibrium” says Ajay & Beckky.


As you can see, here at the IBNII, we specialize in making dreams of a wedding that embraces sustainable practices come true, by creating perfect wedding destination amidst the breathtaking hills of Coorg.


Your wedding is the beginning of a promise to love and cherish. At IBNII, we invite you to make that promise consciously, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the warmth of sustainable practices. Come, and be a part of a love story that celebrates not only the couple’s union but also honors the world that we live in. IBNII – where your love meets nature in perfect harmony.