Culinary journey on a plate

“from our own pestle and mortar, comes the exotic spices and masalas we use in our cooking. We also make our own Jams, Pickles and oven-fresh bread while we are readying our greenhouse to grow fresh vegetables”



The Fig – Multicuisine Restaurant

With a resplendent view of a serene water body and bustling nature all around, you will be spoilt for choice with our Chefs at The Fig creating some of the finest regional culinary fare along-with some familiar favorites from across the Mediterranean. Between the view from your table and the aromas from our kitchen, it’s a perfect spot in time to feed your body and soul. And oh, for the mind, you may stroll into The Almari – our corner library and gift shop to pique your curiosity.



Banana leaf in Kodava language, Baalelle is our pure vegetarian restaurant with its own dedicated kitchen. For the gastronome of veggies, savor from an eclectic choice of regional curries and main courses made from vegetables freshly plucked off our green house garden and local farms. Using seasonal vegetables and home-grown spices, our chefs are happy to customize a dish that suits your palate as they are with regional fare.

Masi Kande – The BBQ Place

Under the canopy of stars and from the pits of fervid charcoal, our BBQ diner will blow the wind off your sails with succulent meat and fresh sea food in a very native style. Whether to chase it with a drink of your choice or simply indulge, our chefs are proficient in putting a smile on your face with an amazing range of kebabs and grills.


Elevate Lounge (Now Open)

In the land of the gentleman planter, the day is incomplete without some highball tipple. Line up the hors d’oeuvre and canapes alongside choicest liquor of every hue and repertoire, at our gastro-bar you may raise your spirit, drop your thoughts and even swing like jagger. Catch the sleight of hand as our barman pulls off some incredible concoctions or order off our impressive collection to lighten the mood and throw caution to the cool Ibnii wind.


Kaldi Kappee – our picturesque coffee shop

Take an evening stroll with our plantation expert to hear the humble origins of the world’s most beloved beverage. Our sprawling coffee estate hides an enchanting story of how the plant journeys through natural cycles, human care and grading process before it ends up as sheer joy in your cup. Indulge in the pleasure of creating your own brew starting from the bean to the infusion in your cup besides sneaking a peek at a planter’s life the Kodavas are privileged with.