THE FIG – Our Multicuisine Restaurant

THE FIG – Our Multicuisine Restaurant


Our open-air multicuisine restaurant, the Fig, let’s you experience an explosion of flavours, where one is spoilt for choice between a variety of local and international cuisines. Feed your body and soul knowing your food is free from artificial preservatives, additives, colouring, and flavouring agents.

BAALELLE - Our Vegetarian Restaurant

BAALELLE – Our Vegetarian Restaurant


Our specialty Baalelle restaurant is temporarily closed for renovations. For special food requests please place your requests with the team.

Note: All our vegetarian guests can dine at The Fig, our multi cuisine restaurant. We respect the sentiments of our vegetarian patrons and we have a special section and aisle set aside in the kitchen for vegetarian food preparation. We use separate utensils for veg and non veg and the design is such to not allow for scope of cross contamination.



Our sometimes breezy, sometimes chilly theme restaurant, Masi Kande, which means ‘Hot Coals’ is a great place for a special occasion. It’s all in the name here! Savour a delectable meal from under the canopy of stars and from the glowing embers of charcoal

ELEVATE - Our Lounge and Bar

ELEVATE – Our Lounge and Bar


Our cozy yet sassy private lounge and bar is the perfect location to take in the stunning views while enjoying an artisanal beverage made by expert hands. Explore cocktails from around the world and make sure to ask for The Ibnii Special, Coorg inspired ‘Chukku Kaapi Cocktail’.

KALDI KAAPEE – Our Picturesque Coffee Shop

KALDI KAAPEE – Our Picturesque Coffee Shop


Our award winning, picturesque coffee shop will enchant you with the sensual aroma of coffee and the calming sounds of bird song all around you. Indulge in the pleasure of creating your own brew, starting from the bean to the infusion in your cup.