Wake Up and Smell the Coffee at Kaldi

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”
– Cassandra Clare

Call it a café or a coffee shop, but more often than not its design, aura, and charm usually
reflects its neighbourhood. From the charming by lanes of Paris, to the artsy décor of New
Orleans, coffee shops have long-cemented their place in the public conscious as a place to
sit down, interact, introspect, or just unwind and let go.

Kaldi, the coffee shop in Ibnii is all that and more, beckoning you with its place at the top of
a pond, with walls which gracefully meld glass and stone together. Ball-pendant lights, Chic
upholstery, hexagonal tiles, and a view to kill for all come as part of the package too.

Life as a Latte Art

Giving just as much attention to your comfort as they do to their latte art (you must know
those dreamy designs which are etched into your latte foam), Kaldi is a great place to
unwind in the evening, sitting either inside or out in the huge portico while the resident
ducks and geese give you company.

Kaldi has a magical quality about it that can only be experienced. Whether you are with
friends or all alone, Kaldi is a perfect for a late evening stroll, to talk, to introspect, to think,
to colour, to just drink an abundance of coffee, to read, or just to observe. Revel at the
sound of the water slowly lapping at the surface, listen to the sound of the woods around
you, and share a smile with the cackling geese.

Breathe In, and Never Let Go

What’s a coffee shop without some good coffee? Kaldi is probably one of the few coffee
shops out there which has the luxury of serving locally-grown coffee within the Ibnii
compound itself. Not only is it as organic as it gets, but the aroma hits out as soon as the hot
steaming cup comes in front of you. You can have your cup in a way you like, from the usual
cappuccino’s and latte’s to the flavourful local “filter” style.

If you so choose, you can also take part in their coffee-walk, see how coffee is grown around
the compound, and the entire process of roasting the beans for yourself. Dig in deeper and
you can leave this place as a connoisseur, having entered it as just an aficionado.

It’s not short talk when someone says that some of the best conversations or experiences
they have been part of took place in a coffee shop. At Kaldi, your conversations simply hold
more meaning. So walk in once and breathe in the air, and spend some time building
relationships or finding a deeper meaning within yourself.

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