At The Ibnii, Coorg Where Confusion and Exhaustion is At Bay

Clarity is a requirement to think clearly and to think clearly is required to attain Clarity : which one comes first?

Clarity is a state of mind, which is accentuated at The IBNII, Coorg

A Magical weekend getaway or a Relaxed Rejuvenated holiday or Calm and Blissful Vacation : which one of the three? The answer would be any one of the three or all three as all roads lead to the most powerful state of mind : Clarity. Exactly what Good clean healthy food, sound sleep, pure air and resonance and the marvel of the Universe around as Nature pose as components to achieve Clarity.

Your choice to stay and experience at The IBNII would be to attain the Power of Clarity : nestled amongst untainted and un disturbed Nature, breathing in Pure air filtered by Nature, Mattresses and pillows working together with Nature’s to provide Sound Deep Sleep, a luxurious commodity. Clean ( preservative and additive free ) food to cleanse and detox the body, lightening the gut to free the mind, along with the all natural scrub at the Spa promises a Magical, Rejuvenated and Blissful experience.

At The IBNII, Coorg where confusion and exhaustion is at bay.