5 Perfect venues for your intimate wedding at The Ibnii Coorg

If you are planning for an intimate wedding, look no further, we at The Ibnii Coorg have got you covered with our perfect wedding venues for each event of your special day celebration. The Ibnii Coorg is the perfect destination for hosting wedding celebrations surrounded by nature’s beauty in the lap of luxury. While you have the flexibility to mix and match among our enchanting venues, here’s our suggestion for creating an unforgettable wedding experience at the Ibnii Coorg:

Ring Ceremony at Masikande

Begin your wedding festivities with the ring ceremony at Masikande, a hidden gem surrounded by the serene sounds of nature. This intimate setting provides the perfect backdrop for a heartwarming ring ceremony, setting the tone for a celebration steeped in love. At Ibnii Coorg, we prioritize responsible luxury, ensuring that your special moments unfold in harmony with the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Elevate Bar for Sangeet

Elevate your celebrations to new heights at the sophisticated Elevate Bar. An ideal choice for a lively and vibrant Sangeet night setting for your guests to enjoy the celebrations. This venue offers sweeping views that serve as a breathtaking backdrop of trees in the wild and water bodies, for your celebrations. Ibnii Coorg’s commitment to sustainable luxury is reflected in the thoughtful design of this venue, allowing you to revel in the beauty of nature without compromise.

Mehendi, Haldi, and Extended Sangeet by Cascade Poolside

Indulge in the joy of Mehendi, Haldi, and an extended Sangeet celebration at the Cascade Poolside. With the serene infinity pool as your backdrop, Cascade Poolside offers a relaxed and casual atmosphere for your pre-wedding rituals. By only using harvested rainwater, the Ibnii Coorg seamlessly integrates green initiatives into your celebrations, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly atmosphere for your wedding celebrations.

Nok for Exchanging Wedding Vows

Transform your wedding into a seamless and unforgettable experience by exchanging your vows at the beautiful Nok, where nature and luxury seamlessly blend together. Nok’s intimate and warm ambiance makes it an ideal venue for creating seamless and unforgettable wedding experiences. At Ibnii Coorg, we’re dedicated to creating intimate weddings that mirror the uniqueness of your love story, ensuring each moment is crafted with the same special touch that defines your journey together.

Kaldi Kapee for Light Band/Performance and Dining

For a light band performance and dining under the stars, Kaldi Kapee is the perfect venue. Enjoy a unique and contemporary wedding experience as you dine amidst the chic and modern decor of Kaldi Kapee, while our sustainable practices ensure an eco-conscious celebration for your destination wedding.

Indoor Wedding Venue: Bendhoota

Ideal for an indoor wedding celebration Bendhoota is a versatile venue with a touch of outdoor ambiance around the banquet. This venue ensures a seamless experience throughout your intimate wedding celebration, combining luxury with nature. With its commitment to sustainable luxury and enchanting array of venues and experiences crafted for your dream wedding celebration, the Ibnii Coorg is the perfect venue for your luxury destination wedding.



With its lush green landscapes, the Ibnii Coorg offers numerous picturesque spots for pre-wedding and wedding photography, adding an extra touch of beauty and charm to your special day. With our array of enchanting venues and personalized experiences crafted for your dream wedding celebration, the Ibnii Coorg is the perfect choice for your luxury destination wedding.

Let us be your partners in creating memories that will last a lifetime, with every detail reflecting the beauty of your love story amidst the lush green landscapes of Coorg.


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