Sattvic (Cleanse & Rejuve – 3 nights)

Cleanse the body and calm the mind while you are on your ‘ Me vacation ‘ leaving you refreshed and recharged to take on the City, Smog and Race.

Pamper yourself with this package to awaken your sixth sense, reviving your chi for internal healing, combatting constant climate change as the city grows and swells, increasing pollution, lack of sleep, premature aging etc.

Vayu (Revive – 3 nights )

The Sedentary city dweller’s pick ,the anecdote for Sitting!

This care helps revive, the circulation in the legs and back opening the chakras. It is an opportunity to satisfy the desire of the feet, legs and back to indulge in physical activities in an all natural ecosystem.

Creative thinking and innovation spark after a positive physical exertion of the body. Lethargy will only bring about stagnation.

Mounam (The Silence and You – 3 nights)

This is an opportunity to spend a few days in silence, declutter the head and dive yoga stretches and asanas and various spa therapies and breathing sessions while indulging in healthy food habits and nutritional advises.

A spiritual vacation where silence and calm is observed and a habit set for diet and exercise which can be incorporated into the daily life . Our habits decide our health. The changes in life style has thrown society into the dearth of ‘lifestyle hazard’ diseases like a change in work culture, easy availability of modern facilities and transport systems.

The peaceful and pure prevailing at IBNII will bring out the best YOU.

nUtanya (Renew – 2 nights. Friday – Saturday / Saturday – Sunday. most effective when availed fortnightly)

A long term consistent and healthy life style program that becomes a habit and then a behavior ensuring eternal happiness. Counsel and advice on tweaking the current lifestyle with a few practical and possible changes ensuring a healthy tomorrow. This is a wellness check on your weekends which helps refresh & renew.

Yoga workshops for groups.

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