Scripting for tomorrow

At The IBNII , Coorg we have been laying the foundation, infrastructure and practice for  a Greener tomorrow  : A holistically Healthy , Pristine and Blissful place, free of pollution, a place of healing, pulsating with Wellness, emitting Peace and Serenity.

Most will look upon The IBNII, Coorg as a bunker provided by Nature working through the Management and Staff to provide the space for breathing : Life.
The IBNII, Coorg was created with the vision of Water and Nature’s resources as luxurious commodities and more so this March was the proof of the same. As a show of respect and value to Creation we had to close the jacuzzi in all our villas. Thankfully the pool is available to cool off the Summer, although most people cannot understand the difference between a jacuzzi and a swimming pool.
Note to all guests : a jacuzzi has to be drained, cleaned and filled again. The swimming pool has a filter and therefore does not need to be drained and filled again. Jacuzzi water consumption to understand and Save Water :
At The IBNII, Coorg : 200 litres of water is required to fill the Jacuzzi. The same used by all guests on a full occupancy is 5,600 litres of water. Sadly some guests want to use it twice.
Dear Guest, your demand for Water, soon becoming a rare and expensive resource, is a concern, you may take a walk around our catchments and see for yourselves how Summer is panning out . In support of Nature we have reduced our tariff drastically to Save Water for the Gen Next, seeking the support of our guests on the same movement.
Help us script a Greener and Abundant Water source for our children for their Healthy and Happy tomorrow.
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