Preventive Measures For COVID 19

The corona or covid 19 is a viral disease about which we had come across several information through audio, video, newspapers and other medias. China, Italy, Spain, the United States and other countries are affected by unpredictable way of the epidemic. Also in India and the Gulf countries the numbers of cases are rising day by day and its consequences are reflected. Till now, effective medicines or vaccines for corona are not yet invented, so the only solution right now is to take preventive measures.




The most important preventive measure is to wash the hands often using soap and water for at least twenty seconds. In the absence of soap and water, you can wash your hands with a hand sanitizer . We can make Hand sanitizer at home. The other thing is maintain social distancing. We should maintain a distance of at least 1 m from one another. Another preventive solution is to stay at home with no outside contact. Avoid unnecessary travel and gatherings. Disinfect the mobile phone, computer, keyboard, mouse, calculator, water taps, door handle in the possible manner. Disinfecting also helps prevent infection. Another thing to keep in mind is that avoid contact with people who come from countries where coronavirus is spreading. If for any reason we had interacted with them, you should inform the government authorities and should follow the guidelines given by them. Those who have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, sneezing, sore throat, headache and colds should wear masks and also seek medical advice. Kindly avoid touching your nose, mouth etc unnecessarily. Similarly, hugs and handshakes should be avoided to prevent the spread of the disease. As the corona virus vaccines have not yet found, increasing the immunity power of the body can act as a preventive measure and also can also reduce the intensity of the disease to an extent.

Preventive measures that are generally used for contagious diseases:

  • Maintain self cleanliness
  •  Take easily digestive foods
  • Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables containing Vitamin C.
  • Drink boiled water several times a day. Boil the water by adding coriander seeds, Vetiveria zizanioides(root), Andrographis paniculate(whole plant), Eagle marmelos (root), Tinospora cordifolia (stem), Oroxylum indicum), Holy basil(leaf) and drink it after cooling.
  • Steam the face with warm water added with mint leaves and holy basil leaves.
  • Apply olive oil or sesame oil or coconut oil on whole body before taking bath.
  • Getting proper sleep will boost your body’s immunity.
  • Expose the body to sunlight atleast for 30 minutes.
  • Fumigate the residence and premises using Azadirachta indica(leaves) , mustard seeds, camphor, Goggul Frankincense, benzoin resin. This will help in destroying germs.
  • Drinking a glass of South Indian cuisine -‘rasam’ along with daily meals will boost your immune system. Make sure to add pepper, garlic, turmeric, ginger, lime juice
  • Consuming half a teaspoon of pure turmeric powder , pinch of pepper powder mixed with honey can boost your immune system.
  • Gargle using Salt and turmeric powder mixed with warm water.

Some medications can be taken daily for prevention. 

  • Intake one Viwaldi tablet after dinner.
  • Intake one Sudarshana tablet every night after dinner.
  • Dashamoolarishtam -25 mL after lunch and dinner.
  • Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C and rejuvenating. Eating one or two gooseberry daily will boost immunity. If the gooseberry is not available, one can take the Brahma Rasayana, which is rich in the gooseberry, or the chyavanaprasham(1 tsp).

All these will have a defensive power. This prevents the spread of infectious diseases to some extent.


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