Plastic For Change

Now Plastic has a meaning and purpose at The IBNII, Coorg!

The resort is happy to be kickstarting this zero-plastic initiative, giving purpose to the lifecycle of Plastic.


Plastic is not the enemy, created by man and not accepted by Nature. Where can Plastic go? Plastic only knows how to help and be of help and does not want to harm human race or Nature. Plastic has been used and abused by being created in various microns and then discarded shabbily and irresponsibly, which is where it becomes a menace.


Therefore, as a Wellness destination, The IBNII Coorg has chipped in to help the town to minimize on the town’s plastic mayhem: every kilogram of clean plastic brought forward by an individual or group, The IBNII will reward them with 2 kilos of rice!


Surrender to Nature being the IBNII way of Life, the property has embarked on setting an example as Leaders of Eco luxe balance in the industry.
In the words of the Chairman and Proprietor of The IBNII, Coorg: “you do not need money to make this change simply change your thoughts which in turn changes your behaviour and then your habit”, thereby practicing what Mahatma Gandhi said ” Be the change you wish to see…”