Nested along the dew drenched slopes of a former coffee plantation, The IBNII is poised to be the best among Coorg resorts in the luxury segment. With a driving distance of about 5.5 hours from Bangalore Airport and 2.5 hours from Mysuru railway station, The Ibnii is a perfect getaway from the urban milieu.

Spread over a sprawling 120 acres of sheer evergreen woodlands, in an almost perfect natural trough, we wouldn’t be stretching it if we told you we have our own climate here! The vastness of nature, teeming with life and open in its essence is something we have naturally come to emulate as part of our work culture which promotes openness and collective growth.

With 22 private pool villas, 10 wooden cottages, private residences and premium suites, we have refined luxury and comfort to match the highest expectation of the global traveler and yet maintain our delicate balance with Nature. As part of the founder’s vision, the land has been returned to nature with unobtrusive architecture but with the best of creature comforts in place for an unforgettable holiday experience.

At Ibnii, we understand our place in nature, we deeply respect and cherish it. We are ourselves touched by it everyday and in these years, it has transformed us in more ways than we can express. It is our desire to let you have a first-hand experience of beholding such beauty, unfolding every moment, leaving you rested and renewed from within.

Sometime soon, on a dew drenched morning, in the sun kissed slopes, we hope to welcome you to The Ibnii.