Coffee Escapades

at Kaldi Kappee – our picturesque coffee shop

Take an evening stroll with our plantation expert to hear the humble origins of the world’s most beloved beverage. Our sprawling coffee estate hides an enchanting story of how the plant journeys through natural cycles, human care and grading process before it ends up as sheer joy in your cup. Indulge in the pleasure of creating your own brew starting from the bean to the infusion in your cup besides sneaking a peek at a planter’s life the Kodavas are privileged with.


Nature Walks

Walk with our in-house naturalist through thick woods and an evergreen canopy treating your body to pure air, your senses to fresh blossoms and an irresistible cacophony of bird songs and monkey chatter. Hear the story of how figs are pollinated, the wasps procreate and how their stories are deeply interconnected in an endless cycle of giving and taking. Watch as the wild come alive and awakens a primeval connect between you and nature.


Responsible Fishing

Hook a bait into one of our fresh water harvesting lakes to catch some game, but exude compassion by setting them free back where they came from. Throw a line for a thrill or merely to watch time pass you by, cozy up a conversation with your loved one while waiting for the line to go taut, catch the excitement and free the fish.


Occupancy policy

Arnetta – Wooden Cottage
Accommodation ONLY for a couple (2 adults).
No kids or extra person allowed in the wooden cottage.
Kopi Luwak – Pool Villa
Accommodation for a couple (2 adults)
(Extra charges applicable for extra adult and for children from 7 yrs above)