Visit IBNII and ‘Surrender to Nature’

There is this famous quote by Oscar Wilde – “It seems to me that we all look at nature too much and live with her too little”. Eloquent, yet as truthful, this statement is especially relevant in today’s hectic times where the world can’t stop moving fast enough. The technological revolution as we know it has created small artificial barriers around us, keeping us from answering the bequests of nature.

At Ibnii, we harken back to the times of old-when things were much simpler, where our guests can comfortably remain in sync with nature while forming a deep bond with the wild. We believe that if you are receptive to the nature around you, then you start believing in a fuller, friendlier universe, receiving more satisfaction from life than you would expect at any given moment. Our earth loyalty program is a testament to our ideals and our innate respect for nature and our sustainable methods set us apart from many of the other tourist destinations spread around Coorg.

Where we are located, you do not need roads to find a secluded spot for an evening coffee or the perfect relaxation in the form of responsible fishing. The Western Ghats are renowned for its biological diversity and the allure of never-ending coffee estates is something one has to experience in order to believe. The biodiversity here is especially unique, from a variety of birds to majestic butterflies and the enchanting woodlands who share the same space and aloofness with you.

If you want to enjoy the nostalgic history of the coffee plantations, you can accompany our plantation expert to learn more about the origin of this world-famous bean, see the harvest in front of yourself and finally end with a relaxing cup of the beverage while the sun slowly sets in the hills beyond. You can also take a walk around the property, where the only sound is that of nature and its various secret inhabitants. There are many snaking pathways, each with their own hidden secrets, and a cornucopia of elegant flora to keep you company.

We also beckon to the adventurer in you, as you sit by one of our fresh water harvesting lakes and take part in responsible fishing. There is a certain calmness that fishing brings to the soul and as you sit with your feet dangling over the water, you finally understand why around these parts we call forests as enchanted woods.

When you come to Ibnii, you evolve naturally. Technology and internet connectivity finally take a backseat as life takes hold of your steering wheels. There is a lot to fall in love with in this place and a lot to take in.

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