The Subtle Art of Baking – A Hands on Experience

When you come to The Ibnii, you learn pretty soon that this place has an uncanny knack of springing some delightful surprises at you. There are quite a few things that given the chance, you would love to keep doing again and again over here, and one of them is a delightful visit to Kaldi Kapi in the evening for an insightful Baking session.

Now, I’ve got a major sweet tooth that just doesn’t want to quit. Dark chocolate is my kryptonite but honestly, in its absence, I’ll usually take anything else that’s available on hand. I say this so you know that the hands-on baking session was something I was looking forward to the entire day, and while some people might say that a grown-up man should behave himself around in such surroundings, the inviting all-glass bakery, the warm smell of bread, and the sight of chocolate chips were enough to make my knees go weak.

The Dough You Knead, For the Cookies You Need

The bakery in Ibnii, much like everything else on this property, is more than meets the eye. This is where the delectable fresh morning bread for the breakfast buffet gets baked every day, as well as all the gorgeous desserts you cannot take your eyes off or stop tasting after each meal. Nestled towards the back with gleaming modern baking contraptions and a clean, all glass exterior, this bakery is quite something if you have never been inside one before.

The sun was low in the horizon when we walked into Kaldi Kapi with a group of 6 other equally eager and equally hungry cookie monsters to learn all about baking and try to perfect our cookie baking art. I haven’t ever really done any baking till date, but after an hour inside Kaldi Kapi, I can assure you that if nothing else, I can definitely make some really good cookies.

A Warm Cookie for Your Soul

The session was expertly crafted for newbies like us, and we went through several techniques of mixing the dough, using a palette knife to bring fat and sugar together, while gathering a layman’s understanding about the various modern instruments and their usage. It was an amazing experience learning new ways of properly rolling a cookie, laying it out in multiple patterns including my personal favourite – the checkerboard pattern, and ensuring consistency in shape and design.

The best part of the baking session was of course getting to savour the cookies made by my own hands, and it was quite an experience interacting with professionals bakers and understanding how things move behind closed doors. In a world which is dominated by thrill-seekers and where everyone wants to be the one to have travelled to the farthest country or climbed the tallest mountain or hiked the most difficult trail, it is just so much better when you can sit out and focus on small little things such as this that make you happy. Baking is not rocket science, all you need to do is walk in with an inquisitive heart, and walk out with a well-fed and constantly smiling soul.

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