Swachh bharat campaign on Gandhi Jayanthi, a CSR Initiative

Throughout our childhood, we have grown up hearing instructions about cleanliness and keeping our surroundings clean. At Ibnii, cleanliness and eco-living is a habit of life, as we believe that clean surroundings directly translate into a clean soul. One of the main reasons why the Swacch Bharat mission is so important in the current landscape is because India still has a large, under-privileged population where thousands of children are not getting access to basic education. Clean living should be the basic right for every citizen of our country, and unless everyone plays their part in it, garbage will still keep getting thrown in public places, and toilets will still go unutilized.

Ibnii’s CSR Initiative
Mahatma Gandhi once said “We can no more gain God’s blessing with an unclean body than with an unclean mind. A clean body cannot reside in an unclean city”. Cleanliness and personal hygiene were integral to the Gandhian way of living, and at Ibnii, we take his beliefs to the heart.

On 2nd October 2018 Ibnii held a CSR event wherein our employees got together and decided to clean up the small settlements around us. CSR is a revolutionary way of contributing more towards driving systematic social changes which directly lead to social benefits. We wanted this event to be all about better sanitation, area hygiene, cleanliness, and waste management.

The initiative witnessed active participation from all our employees, wherein they cleaned up the roads, demonstrated how to dump garbage in the designated places, and helped in the cleaning of toilets.

We also held a seminar for the rural folk where we spoke about hygiene and its importance, while conducting an awareness campaign targeting women and children and sow the seeds of good hygiene for the future.

Become Green Once Again with Ibnii
At The Ibnii, we are one with the land and the air that surrounds us. We are ecologically driven not out of business benefit, but because we consider ourselves responsible to our future generations. The words of the Mahatma will never lead us astray, and going forward, we will ensure that these ideals are carried forward by not only us, but the people who live around us.

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