Resort to re-sort at a destination Resort

The word Resort as a noun and a verb is synonymous to comfort, seeking comfort, place of comfort?
While browsing the choice of resorts seem endless unless you know what you want, so the question is: what is it that you want so much? what is the kind of getaway you seek? what is the kind of experience you look forward to? Once clarity is established then comes the intense search for that precious time for Self space or time with Family space or time with partner space or time away from work buzz space or time away from City Smog space etc.
A random Trip Advisor review of a guest who stayed with us for the first time and discovered what they wanted.

Whatttaaaa property!!!

Review of The Ibnii
This is such a huge and amazing property that I was mesmerized to the core…. The moment you enter, you need to go to the reception which is 20M above ground and appears to be hanging 🙂 and it is the viewpoint of the property as well, amazing it is. The staff will explain to you every detail from the viewpoint include all small details like the meaning of this that etc… it’s very informative.

And now begins my day 1… taken to the pool villa, ufffff what a beauty!!!! The pool is of appropriate size and the sit out, the room, the bathroom everything is a 10/10. Excellent property and hospitality. Next day we moved to the presidential suite and that is like huge, at the end of the property with a big pool, deck and what not…. though my fav will be the pool villa because of its coziness 🙂
Next comes food, and here is my rating
Breakfast: 4/5
Dinner: 4.5/5
Lunch: 5/5

Overall it was an amazing 2 nights stay for me, a special thanks to the front desk manager who did my check-in (forgot his name, sorry) and Babitha who also was coordinating with me both days through WhatsApp.
Now a few things you need to know about IBNII is that there is no phone n/w (which is good 🙂 ) but there is wifi in your rooms and in the restaurant as well. It is very very close to nature, so if you don’t like to be in the lap of nature and appreciate beauty then this is not the place for you. The food is so fresh that I got scared if my body can take such fresh food or not (j/k) …..
I read a review which says “its not a resort but a rehab” which had all negative things about the resort but totally disagree with it. The restaurants and open pools are bit far according to which room you are placed but they have buggy service available if you don’t want to walk. And I loved walking in the property as you don’t get such an environment always.
Overall, excellent and highly recommended. And I really appreciate the effort they are making to preserve nature and save water, full score on that.

Date of stay: April 2019
The IBNII, Coorg is your destination where you discover what you want, what you truly are, what you need. At this Eco-Luxe abode can you discover YOURSELF!
Resort to Re-sort at Our destination Resort: The IBNII, Coorg.
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