Memorable stay

Stayed between 26th and 29th January 2017. We stayed at the family cottage which were 2 interconnected cottages each with all luxury amenities. The cottages are beautiful and cosy. The view from the cottage is beautiful. All staff at the resort were very warm and courteous.

The spa was good and the spa treatment was very relaxing. Food was very good. The local cuisine is something we relished. The wide array of starters were brought to the table freshly made. A live salad counter turned out amazing salads even to please the ones who wouldn’t try salads. Your choice of fruit was freshly cut for you. Live music at dinner was good too.

Children tried out baking classes and prepared yummy muffins and cookies with the guidance of the ever smiling and helpful staff.

The coffee shop is another place where you can just relax with a refreshing coffee. Fishing and duck feeding are other activities to engage children besides board games, cricket and billiards. Overall a very relaxing and memorable holiday which went by too soon . Will go back again. Would definitely recommend Ibnii.

Guest Review by Namitha.S

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Posted on January 14, 2019 | 12:41 pm | 0 Comments
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