Kaadu – A Magical First Step into IBNII

We live in a society where everything has gone digital, and almost everything is technology driven. It is my humble opinion that the confluence of technology with other visual mediums, such as watching blockbuster action movies in 3D has dulled our senses to actual magnificence. Gone is that sense of awe one would feel after looking up at the Petronas Towers, given how many times we have seen it on TV and other mediums. The point is, sometimes we tend to easily forget how powerful real places can be.

A great example of what I am trying to portray can be seen in the lobbies of hotels who are spending huge amounts in the upkeep of their services but pay very little attention to the look and feel of their lobby or entrance. First impressions are often the most important ones, especially when considering hotels and resorts.

A Lasting First Impression

Someone once said – “You never get another chance to make a lasting first impression”. In the case of Ibnii, it feels almost poetic, since you never quite anticipate the welcome or your first steps into the property.You exit from the parking lot and the first thing you see are the words Kaadu which means Home in Kannada. The way the entrance has been designed, they have managed to keep the surprise element well-hidden such that when you see it, you can’t help draw in a sharp breath and just stare at the marvel of natural construction.

Unlike any other reception or lobby I have seen before, the entrance to Ibnii lies over a stilted bridge which takes you over a small ravine. The canopy of trees are at an eye level, such that you walk amongst foliage and enter the traditional roofed reception from which you literally have a birds-eye view of the entire property.

Walk Among the Clouds

The height of the reception is particularly wonderful especially during the rainy season, when low-flying misty clouds bequeath this place with a mystical aura. Marvel at the sight around you and see the snaking river which runs through the center of the property. If you squint a little you might even catch someducks going about their jolly business. If there ever was a hotel lobby that made you want to stay there for longer instead of rushing to your destined room, then it is this one.

A special welcome drink in the form of ayurvedic tea adds to the overall experience, and the staff are knowledgeable enough to not disturb you as you drink in the sight, while performing the entire check-in process silently.

Even now, when I fondly think about my visit to Ibnii, I can’t help but marvel at the first few steps I took over the wooden bridge to enter the reception. It is perfectly poised, giving you a hint of the adventure that lies ahead, while at the same time making you feel like you belong here with its hearty welcome.

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