Coorg – A Delightful Rendezvous

A small, tranquil township nestled in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, Coorg has become eponymous with romantic walks amongst coffee plantations, beautiful mist-laden hills, varied wildlife and the amazing Kodava cuisine.

A Little History

In recent years, Coorg has grown as a tourist destination as it offers beautiful weather throughout the year, and is ideal for tourists looking for a quiet getaway. The name Kodagu (Coorg) came from the word ‘Kodi’ denoting its high perch on the Western Ghats. The Kodava community itself, who have lived in the region for centuries, takes pride in being the warrior tribe protecting Kodagu under the blessing and protection of the Goddess Cauvery, therefore the tribe called themselves ‘Kodavas’ where ‘kod’ meaning bless and ‘avas’ for Mother Cauvery.

Coffee Trails

Coorg is exceptionally famous for it’s coffee plantations, honey and home to some of the best coffee in the world, including varieties of both Arabica and Robusta. In fact, when you visit Coorg in the month of February, you will find the aroma of coffee blossoms hanging thick in the air, which indicates the beginning of the coffee season.

Local Cuisine

No mention of Coorg is complete without a mention of its famous cuisine. Contrary to most of India, the people of Coorg are mostly non-vegetarians, and their food is an ideal identification of their personality. Coorg cuisine is defined by its mélange of spices, coconut, and curry leaves, and is differentiated by the usage of the exotic additions such as Kachampuli. The Pandi Pork curry will leave you craving for more and the first bite of Atti Payasa will elevate your senses!

Out and About

Modern day Coorg still remains untouched by the vagaries of technology and its lush forests complement the hundreds of hiking trails that snake through them. Fresh air and the captivating sound of birds and wildlife are part of your daily life here, and there is tons of local lore to discover just by walking around and speaking to the friendly local people. Coorg has something for everyone. Capture the majestic beauty of Abbi falls, or take part in the Puthari festival in late November, or perhaps stop by Bylakuppe to mingle with the local Tibetan people and see the great golden Buddha at the Namdroling monastery. Coorg will enchant your heart and soul, and never let it go.

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