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Perfect break before Diwali for 3 days with family, as we wanted to leave the the city for some place peaceful with fresh air. The entrance and reception is dramatic seen nowhere else. You feel good as soon as you arrive. Welcomed warmly at the vantage point reception from where you can see the resort villas in a dense forest which is actually a coffee plantation and spice garden all in one. We had taken one of the only two family cottages which is both large & luxurious. Living upto the prize winning eco resort which it is, the entirely wooden cottage comes with two large bedrooms interconnected with each other with attached baths.

The balconies overlook the valley and dense forest. You feel you are in a tree house. The rooms are premium quality and squeaky clean. The forest is sweet smelling and you can spend the day just sitting in the balcony breathing in the fresh cool mountain air and spotting the many birds around you. Down in the valley you can see a pond fed by a perennial spring. You can actually see the fish right from the room.

The dining areas and restaurants are a pleasant walk away but electric carts are available. The food is good fresh and the thoughtful menu uses ingredients grown in-house. The chef caters to your suggestions and if you are a non vegetarian the spread can include fish from the pond to quail & if you are adventurous rabbit and duck all fresh from the farm.

There is never a boring moment with activities like cycling, fishing , duck feeding, baking , green (eco) tour, forest walk, coffee plantation tour etc. best is that the experience is fully immersive e.g you are served the fish you catch, eat the cookies you bake etc. The cafe is amazing . This is where the coffee tour ends and you can settle for your choice of coffee with freshly baked cookies and a wide range of accompaniments. The bakery uses the best equipment and is extremely well kept.

There is a sit out with a deck where you can feed the fish and the ducks. The view is amazing here. The kids felt so good and fully engaged in the activities. The nights are beautiful and you can easily see the milky way in the clear night sky. There is a well equipped bar and you can use the karaoke or sit outdoors on the deck. We did not venture to the vegetarian restaurant or the speciality BBQ restaurant as the buffet was good everyday. We tried the local Kodagu pork called Pandi curry and found it delicious. The place is well managed with high standards of service and luxury. The staff is friendly and go out of the way to make you feel special. An ideal detox destination mixed with fun for the whole family

Guest Review by Anant.M.

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