Are you seeking to spend some alone time and revel in the luxury of your own company? Ibnii is the right destination of choice because it gives you multiple opportunities to explore time and to make the most out of it when it comes to being on your own. As a solo traveller there are various things that you could choose to do. You can always explore the spa, indulge in a session of baking, maybe try out the jungle meditation, pick one of our trails or pick your own trail and discover Ibnii as you walk and enjoy the surroundings. Even during the monsoons there are great walkways and paths you can explore on your own. As a solo traveller you could also choose to go sightseeing locally where you can venture and explore on your own. If you’re a coffee lover, you can always explore the various kinds of coffee and coffee trails and spend time at the coffee shop. You could hit the pool, and go for a swim. The yoga deck is a great place to try out some asanas. The Fishing Nook provides some expansive water views and every turn in the road, provides for great photo opportunities.

This is the ideal location for private functions, executive meetings and weddings.


Ibnii is a beautiful romantic destination for couples. Couples can enjoy a series of things to spend time and connect with each other and nature here. From honeymoon packages to couple oriented activities, Ibnii has a lot to offer if you’re looking at things to do with your partner, such as couples spa massages, local sightseeing, and indulging in a candle lit dinner. Soak up some sun and pool time at Cascade, our pool, opt for nature and night walks, poolside brunches, coffee shop conversations, baking and any activity that excites you.


Housed in nature, Ibnii is perfect for families that want to spend some time away from the bustling chaos of the city and find restful space for each other. Ibnii has multiple options in terms of what families can do here. Right from spending time at the coffee shop taking pictures, to going on nature walks with children, to bird watching tours, nature and eco trails to understand the context of nature and sustainability, baking sessions, a trip to the bio garden, farm to fork exercises, and of course local sightseeing. The nature gym for children is built keeping in mind the joy of the outdoors and is a great place for them to explore mobility and creativity. Bendhoota houses varied options of indoor games. Our library has a wonderful collection of books and board games on offer.


A bunch of friends will find something to do no matter where they decide to go. Ibnii is a great place for friends. From parties which are hosted in the rooms all the way to special parties organised by the poolside at Cascade, to time spent at the coffee shop, group tours, fishing nook, yoga, and more. The nature gym is a great place to hang out. Bendhoota, our conference hall, has an array of indoor games. You can hop on bicycles and explore the property. Engage in a group spa therapy or yoga session and go on discovery walks. There’s something for everyone at Ibnii.


An ideal getaway for corporate groups to spend time in the quietude of nature. Ibnii is a great place for conferences and meetings. We can also curate customised experiences for corporates who want to use nature as a mechanism of learning. From Bendhoota Conference room, to all of our food spaces to the various experiences we provide, we can customise a very well put together corporate getaway/kickoff/offsite. Corporates who are looking for a space that is not run of the mill, and can offer a lot more than just a space. From poolside brunches, to events, to team building…a lot of things can be done at the Ibnii.