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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes The IBNII different?

    The IBNII is a wellness and Eco-luxury resort. Eco-Luxury means our focus is first Nature, then Luxury. The IBNII Coorg has always been a supporter of Nature with a passion for the Earth and the Environment. We provide you luxury along with sustainability. We practice REDUCE, RECYCLE/UPCYCLE and REUSE; we reduce CARBON FOOTPRINTS and believe in SAVE, CONSERVE and PRESERVE NATURE and her Resources.

    What are the types and sizes of the rooms?

    ● Arnetta Luxury Wooden cottage - 600 square feet
    ● Arnetta Premium Wooden cottage- 800 square feet
    ● Family Wooden cottage- 600 * 2 square feet
    ● Kopi Luwak Pool villa size - 1200 square feet
    ● Poinsettia (Honeymoon suite)- 2000 square feet

    Is room service available?

    Room Services available on request with additional charges for the selected menu. Not available during meal time.

    Are pets allowed?

    Pets are strictly not allowed inside the resort

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